Mark Chick

Welcome to my art from around the world. Travel and Jordan gives me the amazing opportunity to photograph a variety of different mediums.

Having studied photography art and design, although just an introduction it gave me a love for picture and all other art forms to further develope.

While having flown for over thirty years, including free flying  hang gliders and paragliders progressing to paramotor’s I found Jordan to have some incredible scenery and history.
With amazing deserts such as Wadi Rum, hidden castles all over Jordan with plenty more to offer.
Enough to keep anyone busy for some time to come.

Not all the pictures are in Jordan as I love to travel for pleasure and work, experiencing different cultures.

Many of the pictures are taken from a paramotor very early in the morning where the best conditions for flying and good light for photography exist.

I hope you enjoy, thank you for looking.


Original artwork Limited Editions of 5 unless otherwise stated.
Signed by me with verification Certificate on the back of every peice. All prints will be available in various sizes.

Print Sizes are approximate depending the dimension variations.
Prices may vary depending the artwork.

Rough price guide
Large 130cm x 90cm. 495JD
Medium 100cm x 70cm. 395JD
Small 60cm x 45cm. 250JD

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